What we do...

We do lots of different things here at The Prop Making Company and not just making props, we also provide scenic construction (set building), immersive and themed environments plus lots more, we have many years of experience and multidiscipline skill sets to help us achieve the finished results.

All of this allows us to take on many different projects and requests large or small from all different industry sectors.

If we don’t have a particular skill set or experience in house, then we will do our upmost to source it from our network of industry specialists.

Our main objective is to be part of creating experiences which people of all ages will love and enjoy through visual and interactive props, scenic displays and themed environments. Below you will find some of the services we can provide but if you don’t see what you’re looking for then please ask as we probably still have the answer.

Props, Scenery & Theming

At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Themed Installations

We provide fully themed and creative concepts for either temporary or permanent installation for leisure and visitor attraction, retail and education etc. Working with you from concept design right through to final installation and sign off.

Whatever your theme or idea we are confident we’ll have a solution that will work for you.

We can incorporate full audio, lighting, visual elements along with special effects to really bring the concept to life.     


Prop making is the foundation of our business, and props aren’t only used within Film, TV or Theatre they can be utilised in any possible scenario or setting you can think of.

For example we once made a novelty oversized key and keyring for an estate agent to use as a promotional photo prop for new sales/lettings.

We get requests to make all sorts or weird and wonderful props, using a variety of techniques and materials best suited to achieve the final result.


Set and props go hand in hand and we love designing and building scenery just as much as props.

Just like the props we make our scenery work is constructed using a variety of different materials and specialist techniques and constructed in our workshop by scenic artists and joiners.

 For larger sets we design and build them to be flat pack or in easy manageable sections to allow for easy transport/storage and installation on site.

Christmas & Seasonal

Christmas Grotto's & Festive Displays, Easter, Halloween & Other Seasonal Installations

Christmas Grotto's &
Full Festive Theming 

We provide truly magical Christmas grottos bespoke to your requirements, indoors or out. Offering the ideal solution for shopping centres or visitors attractions that want to provide the very best experience. We can also provide fully mobile and road legal trailer grottos as well as free standing structures for outdoor settings.

We also provide fully themed displays and props to create a complete immersive experience for all. With the additional option to integrate sound, lights and magical special effects to bring everything to life.

Halloween & Easter
Displays & Theming

With Easter and Halloween becoming bigger and increasingly more popular year on year we couldn’t be happier!

Just because it gives us more excuses to create magical, fun, exciting, spooky and seriously scary props and sets to help our clients provide some amazing events and displays for each of the celebrations.

From fairy tales to horror stories we can provide the solutions tailored to your requirements.

Other Seasonal Events
& Occasions

From giant valentine love heart photo opportunities to a supersized branded bucket and spade we can create props and scenic solutions for pretty much any occasion or seasonal event. Whether you have a rough idea or a fully designed brief for your upcoming event or promotion we would be happy to discuss these with you and help you term them into a reality.

Museum & Heritage Locations

Replica Artifacts, Immersive Enviroments & Historical Displays

Replica Artifact Props & Scenic Elements  

We can produce prop replicas of your rare collection pieces or scenic elements recreated from an image or illustration. They can made suitable just for display or to be handled regularly by visitors.

Immersive Enviroments, 
Full Scale Displays & Historical Dioramas

Want a fully immersive themed environment of a particular period in history? Or perhaps you're looking to install a full scale display or even a miniature diorama? Then we can help.

Integrated AV &
Special Effects 

Add a little extra to enhance the visitors experience by integrating interactive elements into your props or displays. We can provide solutions with audio, visual and special lighting effects.

Stage & Screen

Theatre, TV & Film

Theatre Props & Scenery 

Where it all began….we have the knowledge and experience to make your theatre production props and scenery.

From Hamlet with Yorick’s Skull to The Little Shop Of Horrors and Audrey two we can produce your theatre props using a variety of materials i.e. foam, plastic and latex, making them durable and safe to handle/drop without fear of damage or injury.

Scenery that is well constructed by experienced joiners making it durable and suitable for touring and stunningly hand painted by scenic artists. We can also provide hand painted or digitally printed large format cloth backdrops and scenery.

TV & Commercial Props

We can make and build props and scenery for TV productions and Commercials, usually we produce one off or bespoke items that you can’t usually buy off a shelf.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Film Props & Scenery

We've been known to produce replicas of iconic film/TV props for private collectors. We also work with independent film producers to build a full or partial set on location or in a studio.

Whatever your requirements we'll do our very best to accommodate.